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Telegram – How To Install

How to Register in Telegram on Phone

How to register Telegram

Telegram registration on different mobile clients is almost identical and consists of several sequential actions:

  1. You must go to the official Telegram website or the official app store.
  2. Select Telegram client for Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  3. Run the installation of the application.
  4. Indicate your country and phone.
  5. Enter the Telegram verification code.
  6. Fill in the fields for first and last name.

And now more about registering Telegram on different platforms.

Register Telegram on Android

To create an account on your Android smartphone, visit the the official Telegram website and download the free Telegram mobile app. You can also download the client from the official site of the messenger by selecting the appropriate installation on its main page.

Telegram app for Android on Google Play

Download the client and install on your smartphone. Then open the application and begin the process of creating a new Telegram account by clicking on the “Start Messaging” button.

Registration Start

On the next screen, Telegram will ask you to select a country and enter your phone number. After entering, click on the “Done” checkbox in the upper right corner, Telegram will send an activation code via SMS to the specified phone number.


It is important to remember that this phone number will be used as your login every time you need to re-enter the system, reinstall the application or install an additional copy in a new place.

Also, this service will ask you to allow phone calls in the application — you must agree and activate your Telegram account.

Fields for choosing a country and indicating a phone number during registration

Enter the verification code that you received in the SMS from Telegram.

Field for entering verification code

After checking, Telegram will open the registration screen, where it will ask you to enter the name and surname. Enter and click on the “Finish” checkbox again.


Keep in mind that the first and last name is the only information about you that is open to other users, while your phone number is an internal and strictly personal identifier.

Name field

Well done! You have successfully registered in Telegram.


Register on iPhone

Register on iPhone

To register Telegram on iPhone, do the same steps as when creating an account on Telegram for Android.

Since all Apple devices, such as the iPhone, iPad or MacBook, run on the iOS operating system, you need to download the Telegram application from the App Store.

Telegram app for iPhone on the App Store

Open the iPhone homepage and find the App Store icon, then tap on it.

The application store will load in the Favorites section. In the search bar, enter “Telegram”. When entering, the Telegram messenger should appear in the drop-down list. Click on it. If you want to see the description of the application, then scroll down.

Search App Store

Download the installation package on iPhone and enable the installation by confirming the command with your password. If you have ever downloaded or used the Telegram application, you will see a cloud icon with an arrow. Click on it and the download will begin.

After the download is complete, click on the “Open” button.

Сlick on the “Open” button

On the Telegram page that opens, the inscription “Telegram – the fastest messaging application in the world” will appear, etc.

You can view all the information or immediately click the “Start Messaging” button.

Then you need to enter the phone number in international format, indicate your country and click “Next”.

A telegram will send an SMS with a verification code. As soon as you enter the last digit of the code, iOS will proceed to the next step of installing and registering Telegrams. Then the service will make a test call, which you do not need to answer. This usually takes a couple of minutes.

Now enter the first and last name that you intend to use for this account. They will be publicly available, and your friends or other users will be able to find you in the search.


You can also use an username.

After that, Telegram will ask you for permission to access the contact list on your smartphone. If people from your address book also use this messenger, Telegram will find them.

That’s all, the registration of Telegram is completed, and you can use this messenger to communicate on the iPhone.


Clarification: the name and surname that you provided when registering with Telegram are the only public identifiers. No one will be able to find out your phone number, this is an internal and strictly personal identifier. Of course, you can change this data at any time.

Register Windows Phone

Telegram for Windows Phone was released in beta in May 2014, and since then has gained considerable popularity among fans of this operating system. Developers monitor that the set of functions in the application for Windows Phone is the same as that of clients for Android and iOS. It is expected that registration in the Telegram account on WP is simple and quick, and in fact is no different from installing on other platforms.

To download Telegram to Windows Phone, you need to enter the Windows Store from your smartphone (a bag with the Windows symbol in the center), or do the same through the official Telegram website by clicking on the corresponding menu.

Link to install Telegram WP client on the parent site

On the Windows Phone mobile device, you need to click the Search button (magnifying glass symbol) and enter the word “Telegram” in the search bar at the top of the screen. After confirming the command by pressing the “Enter” button on the keyboard.

Having found the application, first click on its icon, and then on “Install” and “Allow” to activate the download and then the automatic installation process of the application.

Like other Windows Phone clients, when registering with Telegram, they will offer to fill in the lines where you will need to indicate the country and phone number. Then a verification code will be sent, which will also need to be entered for your identification in the application.

At the end, the program will ask you to indicate your name and surname. This completes the registration of the Telegram account for Windows Phone.

Telegram Registration on Computer

Computer Registration

How to register Telegram on a computer:

  1. You must go to the official website of Telegram.
  2. Select the Telegram client for Windows or MacOS and download Telegram to your computer.
  3. Run the program installation.
  4. Indicate your country and phone.
  5. Enter the verification code.
  6. Fill in the fields for first name and last name or nickname.

Next, we will describe in more detail the process of registering Telegrams for each OS.


The first thing to do is go to the official Telegram website. Home

The second is to select the Telegram Desktop client and download it to your computer. The desktop download client is located at the bottom of the main page of the website and is common for computers and laptops on Windows, MacOS and Linux. By clicking the button, you will open the page with the Telegram Desktop installation program. Start downloading the client to your device by clicking on the blue button.

Telegram Desktop Download Page

The third step is to launch the installation of the Telegram program. After downloading the application to the device, open it and click on the “Run” button.

Next, select the language in which the Setup Wizard will work and specify the folder where you save the installation utility. It remains to choose (or not) the implementation of additional tasks. The further installation process of Telegram Desktop will continue without your participation.

Installation start

At the end, confirm that the installation is complete.

Installation complete

The next stage is registration in the Telegram account. Feel free to start in a new window! Then in the proposed list, find your country and provide a phone number. Actions must be confirmed by clicking on the checkmark icon in the upper right corner of the application.

Telegram registration start

The client’s start will begin after you enter the access code, which you will receive from Telegram via SMS.

Code Entry Form

Complete the registration of the Telegram account by filling in the first and last name field.

Registration form, where you need to specify the first and the last name

The name and surname are visible to other users, these are the only public identifiers. No one will be able to find out your phone number until you yourself want to, as this is an internal and strictly personal identifier.

Immediately after filling in the first and the last name, the application interface opens.

Telegram messenger interface

That’s it — Telegram registration is now complete and you can start chatting!


If you have a Mac, you can download and install Telegram using one of two available official clients: Telegram Desktop and Telegram for macOS.

Applications differ from each other in some functions. For example, Telegram Desktop (for macOS 10.8 and later) is a client that is constantly updated as it is a multi-platform version compatible with various computer operating systems. But Telegram for macOS is a native macOS application and unlike Telegram Desktop supports secret chats.


Both Telegram clients can be installed directly from the Mac App Store.

To download the Telegram application directly from the Mac App Store, simply follow our links — Telegram Desktop or Telegram for macOS, which will redirect you directly to the corresponding Mac App Store web pages.

By clicking the browse button in the Mac App Store, you’ll open the application tab in the MacOS Store. Next, click “Get” and then “Install.” Sometimes you need to verify your identity with an Apple ID or Touch ID password (if you have a Mac with this component). After the download and installation is complete, click “Open” to open the application and start registration in Telegram.

Telegram page for macOS on the Mac App Store

From this moment, the registration of your Telegram account will begin.

After starting the application on the main screen, click on “Continue” and enter the mobile phone number. Within a few minutes you will receive an SMS with an access confirmation code. To complete the registration of Telegram, you will only have to enter your first and last name.



How to join a Telegram channel

It is fast and easy. All you have to do is click here and click the button Join the channel.

Or you can start the Telegram app  and search for the our channel.

To proceed from mobile phones and tablets, launch the Telegram application and, if you have a device Android, click the icon of the magnifying glass, top right.

Then enter the t.meacnewspatriots  or AC NEWS PATRIOTS in the field Search and in the new screen that appears, click the button Join the channel.

If, on the other hand, you have a iPhone / iPad, access the section Chat  Telegram, go to t.meacnewspatriots  or AC NEWS PATRIOTS in the field Search messages or users and, in the section Global search, click on the result you prefer.